GMP 10″ AirDrum™ Djembe Rope Tuned – Gold Brush


GMP’s unique AirDrum™ Djembe – great for all ages and abilities! Play anywhere by anyone!

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GMP AirDrum™ Djembes – One-piece composite shell rope tuned djembe

10″ x 20″ Tall

A unique 3-hole Air vent design allows the Djembe to sound great without the need to tilt or raise the drum off the ground.

-100% synthetic shell djembe, can be played in any condition (rain or shine!)
-Molded composite body is very light weight and extremely durable
-Ideal for students, seniors, workshop classes, drum circles and travelling

-Strong rope with inner core to prevent stretching and helps maintain tuning tension
-Comes fitted with a durable Fibre Skin head that is easy to maintain and replace if broken

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